Selena Gomez teases fans with a steamy glimpse of her upcoming music video "Hands To Myself" as she strips down to lingerie.

November 20, 2023

Selena Gomez has been making headlines with her rumored relationships with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and One Direction’s Niall Horan. However, in the teaser for her new music video “Hands To Myself,” the 23-year-old singer seems to be hinting at a more serious relationship as she wears a diamond ring on her finger. The teaser also shows Gomez flaunting her beautiful figure in black lingerie while lying on a bed, looking absolutely thrilled. Stay tuned for the full music video release.

Daring to bare: Selena Gomez flashes some skin in black lingerie in a teaser for her upcoming Hands To Myself music video

Selena Gomez has given us a sneak peek of her upcoming music video, Hands To Myself, and it looks like she’s not afraid to show some skin. The singer can be seen wearing black lingerie in the teaser, proving that she’s not shy when it comes to being daring. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us!

Is that you? The star showed off a new look, sporting bold bangs and dramatic, dark eyeliner as she could be seen entering an empty, modern-style house

Hey, is that really you? I couldn’t recognize the star with her new look. She was flaunting her bold bangs and accentuated her eyes with dark, dramatic eyeliner as she walked into an empty, contemporary house.

As the video starts, Selena makes a grand entrance into a luxurious mansion reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey. With confidence, she removes her black jacket and reveals matching lingerie that showcases her toned legs. Her retro-inspired, high-waisted underwear perfectly complements her sultry look as she gracefully ascends the staircase. In addition, Selena chose to sport blunt bangs and straight brunette locks for the video, giving her an effortlessly chic appearance. Stay updated with the latest news, pictures, and videos of Selena Gomez by checking out more here.

Cheeky: Selena showed off her pert derriere in fitted, black underwear, as she dropped her black trench and made her way up the stairs

Playful: Selena flaunted her perky bum in snug black undies, playfully tossing off her black trenchcoat and heading up the stairs. The bold look was accented with sleek black heels, and of course, her dazzling diamond ring. To balance out the daring ensemble, she added shimmering black eyeshadow and mascara, finishing it off with a glossy nude lipstick. The ex-Disney starlet even coordinated her manicure to match the edgy vibe.

Stunning: The former Disney Channel star flaunted her taut figure in black lingerie and strappy heels as she made her way into the master bedroom 

Impressive: The ex-Disney Channel celebrity confidently showed off her toned body in sleek black lingerie and chic strappy heels as she entered the luxurious master bedroom.

Happy to be here: Selena shows off a big smile as she relaxes on the room’s expansive bed in her lingerie 

Selena is delighted to be in the cozy room, flaunting a broad smile as she lounges on the plush bed adorned in her lingerie. After climbing up the stairs, the stunning brunette strolls into a dimly lit bedroom. She turns up the music by tapping on a white Beats Pill, and relaxes onto the luxurious black comforter. Selena then proceeds to browse through the closet, thoughtfully examining some of the garments before opting for a white button-down shirt. The gifted actress showcases her modeling flair as she slips into the shirt, striking a number of seductive poses in front of a tri-fold mirror.

Curious: The scantily clad star could be seen browsing a mystery man’s closet, before deciding to try on a white, button down shirt 

Inquisitive: The celebrity, who was dressed in revealing clothing, appeared to be exploring the wardrobe of an unknown gentleman. Afterwards, she opted to try on a crisp white shirt with buttons.

Model behavior: The performer takes a moment to try on a white, button down shirt, modeling it seductively in the mirror 

Taking inspiration from fashion models, the artist pauses to slip into a crisp, white shirt and admires their reflection sensually in the mirror.

Checking out her moves: Selena watches herself as she dances in the mirror, while wearing the button down she had taken from the closet

Checking out her moves: Selena watches herself as she dances in the mirror, while wearing the button down she had taken from the closet

Selena admires her dance moves in the mirror while wearing a button-down shirt she took from the closet. She takes a break from dancing to model the men’s shirt, and then playfully rolls around on the big bed with a smile on her face. However, Selena’s fun is abruptly cut short when police officers show up and accuse her of breaking into the luxurious home. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Selena stays calm and thinks quickly to grab the Beats Pill before fleeing the scene.

Moving on: After showing off her moves, Selena drops the shirt, too, and then can be seen writhing on the bed in her lingerie 

As she continued to dance, Selena revealed even more skin by removing her shirt and began to writhe seductively on the bed in just her lingerie.

Does Justin know? The hitmaker sported a big, diamond sparkler on her ring finger in the video

Is Justin aware? The famous singer was seen wearing a large diamond ring on her finger in the video.

Enjoying the scenery: Selena lounged across the large bed, happy to be at the stunning house - until the cops arrived

While Selena was enjoying the breathtaking view from the luxurious bed, her peaceful moment was interrupted by the arrival of the police as seen in the video teaser. The singer took to Twitter to share a sneak peek of her “Hands To Myself” music video featuring the New Beats Pill. In addition, she had previously promoted the single and her appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show through a video featuring the Victoria’s Secret Angels, which she shared on December 1st. Fans can also catch her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS on December 8th.

Trouble: The star’s revelry is interrupted as cops arrive on the scene

The celebrity’s partying is cut short when law enforcement officers show up.

Making her escape: As the cops arrive it seems the star had broken into the luxurious house, and she can be seen grabbing the Beats Pill and making a run for it

As the police made their way to the scene, it appeared that the celebrity had forcefully entered the opulent residence. In a jiffy, she was spotted snatching the Beats Pill and dashing away from the premises, trying to make her escape.

Cliffhanger: The video teaser ends with Selena’s fate unknown as she had scrambled to make her escape as cops rushed inside to scope out the scene

The preview for Selena’s video leaves viewers on the edge of their seats as it ends with her fate uncertain. Selena had a tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber, dating him on and off from 2010 until earlier this year. The pop star recently admitted that he still isn’t sure if he’s completely over their split. Despite this, he was caught serenading Selena in a hotel bar a few weeks ago and has been posting throwback photos of them together on social media. On the other hand, Selena has been linked to One Direction’s Niall Horan. She was reportedly seen kissing him at Jenna Dewan Tatum’s birthday party after having fun at KIIS FM’s 2015 Jingle Ball. Sources say that Selena and Niall were first spotted having dinner together in Malibu last month.

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