Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Selena Gomez for Marie Claire's June 2016 Issue

November 20, 2023

Marie Claire magazine featured Selena Gomez in its June 17, 2016 issue, displaying her iconic charm and exceptional fashion sense. Her stunning photo shoot was a hit among fans and fashion lovers globally, showcasing her captivating personality and allure.

Selena looked stunning in the photos, wearing a range of trendy outfits that showcased her unique style and self-assurance. She effortlessly paired delicate tops with metallic skirts, striking a balance between power and femininity. Her attention to detail was evident in her flawless makeup and beautiful jewelry, making for a captivating overall look.

Selena Gomez’s recent appearance in a photo shoot highlighted her multifaceted personality, showcasing both her singing talent and fashion sense. Her photos in Marie Claire magazine exuded confidence and an individualistic spirit, proving that Selena is always evolving and experimenting with different looks. The spread perfectly captured Selena’s essence, emphasizing her status as not just a musical phenomenon, but also a fashion icon who proudly embraces her distinct identity.

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